My new book, Run Forever, is available now. Its full title is Run Forever: Your Complete Guide to Healthy Lifetime Running.

When you order the book direct from me, you get an autographed copy that includes an inspirational thought to keep you (or a friend) running long and healthy. You can reach me at amburf@gmail.com. The cost for the hardcover book is $25.00, which includes free shipping and handling from me to you. (Be sure to include your postal address for me to use.)

I wrote Run Forever because I know thousands of runners who want to stay fit and active for life, but are worried about injuries, their health, and other issues. I can't guarantee success to anyone.  But I can and do share the principles and philosophies that have worked for me for 55 years and more than 100,000 miles. The book makes an excellent gift, as well as a great personal motivator.

Run Forever is based on a solid mix of my personal experience, and my 45 years of interviews with top runners, coaches, physiologists, and nutritionists. It covers everything from Getting Started to Marathon Running. Most of all, it reinforces the proven benefits of a committed, disciplined running program at the level that's most appropriate for you.

You can buy a personally autographed copy of one of my earlier books--First Ladies of Running, or The Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life--by clicking over to this page.