I am now offering several new and quite-different/unusual training programs at My training plans include a personalized, interactive Beginning Runners plan, and also plans for the Half-Marathon and Marathon.

Other Beginning Runner plans follow a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all pattern. That's ridiculous, given the age, weight, and relative fitness of potential beginners. Every one of these beginners is so different from every other one. My plan takes care of that. It first asks you to answer several key questions--don't worry; it takes about 30 seconds--and then delivers a plan that's customized expressly for you.

Result: A huge increase in your chances for SUCCESS !

My Half-Marathon and Marathon plans also avoid the trap other programs fall into. Most ask you to increase long runs, midweek runs, and total weekly mileage for 12 to 16 weeks. They often work fine for about half the buildup period, but then produce injury and over-training in the second half. Because that's what happens when programs just get harder and harder and harder.

My plans follow something I call the "EnduroPeaking" system. In practical terms, here's what this means: Your long runs will build steadily throughout the training period (because they are essential), but your midweek runs will actually get shorter (and slightly faster) in the second half of your training, and your total weekly mileage will hold steady but not increase. Result: You'll build endurance, maintain good recovery, and get faster as you get closer to race day.

I'm working on in partnership with, an incredibly talented and hard-working outfit that offers a lot of free services, including a Training Log. You should give them a look.

If you have a friend, co-worker, or family member looking for a smart way to begin running, or to train for a Half Marathon or Marathon, please tell them to check out I think they'll be impressed by the intelligence behind my training programs.