RUNSPIRATIONS is the new book that Gail Kislevitz and I self-published in December, 2019. It's perfect for every runners' bedside table, and even better as a gift. Click here to go to Amazon purchase page.

RUNSPIRATIONS has one big thought behind it, and three main sections. The big thought is this: Motivation is every runner's job #1. You don't necessarily need a new pair of shoes, or a better diet, or a more effective training plan. To run your best, you need motivation. And then everything else comes easy. 

Here are the three main sections of the book: Amazing Stories, Timeless Wisdom, and Motivational Quotes. We've compiled more than 150 of these, each one on its own individual page. 

You don't need to read the whole book front to back. On any day--or at any time--you can simply dip into the middle and find a page or several that are certain to get you psyched up for your day's run.

Reading any page of this book--full of great stories, great advice, and great quotes--will energize your next run. And it’s suitable for all ages.

The young will be encouraged to follow a path of consistent, healthy running. Mid-lifers will be reminded to continue investing in their fitness. And senior runners will see that their quality of life can only be sustained by quality exercise.

As we like to say: Cultivate your RUNSPIRATIONS. Every. Single. Day.

Click here to go to Amazon purchase page.

Gail Kislevitz has completed all six World Marathon Majors, achieving her final star at Tokyo in 2019. She has written six previous books, including Running Past Fifty and First Marathons. A former columnist for Runner’s World, she has also worked at New York Road Runners as a marathon coach for Team for Kids, NYRR’s charity team. 

Amby Burfoot won the 1968 Boston Marathon, edited Runner's World magazine for more than two decades, and has run the Manchester 5-Mile 57 years in a row, winning nine times. His most recent books were First Ladies of Running, and Run Forever.