On Kindle: The Do-It-Yourself Marathon Plan (more below)
On Nook: The Do-It-Yourself Marathon Plan

On Kindle: The Do-It-Yourself Half-Marathon Plan
On Nook: The Do-It-Yourself Half-Marathon Plan

On Kindle:  Bill Rodgers's Marathon Guide (more below)

The Do-It-Yourself Marathon Plan
     Amby Burfoot’s Do-It-Yourself Marathon Plan provides all the completeness, detail, gradual build-up, and scientific foundation of other marathon-training plans costing $30 to $100 and more. Your 16-week plan will include Long Runs, Tempo Runs, Recovery Weeks, and Taper Weeks—all completely individualized to your ability and your preferred training schedule (ie, days and miles per week). 
     No other marathon plan does more. No other similar plan costs less.
     The DIY Marathon is appropriate for someone currently running as little as 3 times a week for a total of 6 miles, or for someone running 7 times and 70 miles. Of course, you get out of the Plan what you put into it. 
     It will take you just 5-10 minutes to complete the 6 steps to your DIY Marathon Plan. You’ll need only pencil and lined paper, or Calendar, Word, or Excel if you choose to create a digital product.
Bill Rodgers's Marathon Guide
     No one knows marathoning better than "Boston Bill" Rodgers, four-time winner of the Boston Marathon and four-time winner of the New York City Marathon. In this authoritative guide, he brings you a lifetime of his marathon wisdom.
     Bill Rodgers's Marathon Guide includes 11 information-packed chapters, including: Training. Nutrition. Injury prevention. Motivation. Shoes. Taper. Race-day morning. Start. Mid marathon. End of race. Recovery.
     Each chapter includes numerous tips on the most important details of marathon training and racing. Rodgers's tips are easy to comprehend and follow. After reading this Guide, you'll be ready to handle all the challenges ahead in your own marathon adventure--whether you're simply aiming to finish your first marathon, qualify for Boston, or run a new personal best.
     Cheaper than one issue of a running magazine, and filled with practical, useful information, Bill Rodgers's Marathon Guide is certain to make you a smarter, better-prepared, stronger and faster marathon runner.