I am now offering a personalized, interactive Beginning Runners Program at I am doing this because I don't believe there is enough online support for beginning runners.

It's easy for racers to find training programs to help them improve in the 5K, Half Marathon, Marathon, and so forth. Meanwhile there are only basic, cookie-cutter programs for beginners--the runners who actually need the most help.

At, I've created an interactive program that generates an individualized running plan based on answers to just three or four key questions. This greatly increases the chances that beginning runners will SUCCEED at the program.

I'm working on in partnership with, an incredibly talented and hard-working outfit that offers a lot of free services, including a Training Log. You should give them a look.

And if you have a friend, co-worker, or family member who would really like to start running, please send them to I believe they'll enjoy all the help and support that's available there.